Singapore Volunteer Management Conference (SVMC)

4S is honoured to have been a part of the inagural Singapore Volunteer Management Conference (SVMC), co-organised by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

Together with HCSA Community Services and BABES, 4S had the privilege to co-own the Volunteer Role Redesign booth at the V Gallery to share with DPM Lawrence Wong and fellow volunteer management practitioners our experience with volunteer role redesign and its benefits.

Volunteer role redesign is a critical component of effective volunteer management. As an organisation, 4S believes that volunteer role redesign is critical to our mission of providing high-quality services to our clients. The volunteer role redesign process involves reviewing and revising the roles and responsibilities of volunteers to ensure that they align with the evolving needs of service users. This can result in improved outcomes for service users, increased volunteer satisfaction, and a more efficient and effective use of organizational resources.

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to the NCSS Volunteer Resource Optimisation (VRO) team for the successful event!